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Industrial automation knowledge popularization

       Industrial control automation technology is the application of control theory, instrumentation, computers and other information technology, industrial production processes for detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making, increase yield, improve quality, reduce consumption, to ensure the safety of comprehensive technology, including industrialization hardware ,software and system. Industrial control technology as one of the most important technology in twentieth Century in the modern manufacturing field, mainly to solve the production efficiency and consistency problem. Although the automation system itself does not directly create benefits, but it has a significant role in enhancing the production process of enterprise of our country industrial control.The development of system automation, mostly is the digestion and absorption of the technology during the introduction of complete sets of equipment,then conducting two development and application. At present, China's industrial control automation technology, industry and applications have a lot of development, China's industrial computer systems industry has been formed. Industrial automation technology is developing toward the direction of intelligent ,networked and integrated .

      The development of industrial automation is to accelerate the transformation of traditional industries to enhance and improve the overall quality of enterprises, improve the overall national strength, the adjustment of industrial structure, rapid invigorate the effective ways and means of the large and medium-sized enterprises, the state will continue to implement a series of industrial process automation of high-tech industrialization projects, use informationization to promote industrialization, promote the further development of industrial automation technology the strengthening of technological innovation, industrialization, solve the deep problems of the development of the national economy, and further improve the overall quality of the national economy and overall national strength, to achieve leapfrog development.
     Guangdong Ongoal is a enterprise that growing up in the macro economic development wave,digesting foreign mature technology at the same time,increasing research and development, and strive to become the national high-tech enterprises that can compete with foreign enterprises of science and technology, to contribute to the country's economic construction, the early realization of the dream China !