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    Ongoal has many successful cases on material handling for food industry . With the increasing of labour cost, people's requirements on food safety is increasing. Automation and intelligence production line are pursued by many manufacturers . Only with more advanced monitoring system,preciser batching precision、cleaner production environment,can realized process and formula .
    The most important factor of pneumatic conveying in food industry is cleanliness. on equipment design, material selecting,producing,installation and other aspects, must take full consideration of easy clean. Must minimizing residual to avoid bacteria breeding on material contact area. The area where residual can’t be avoided, must make sure easy to clean.

    With years of technology accumulating and developing, Ongoal got authority certification, and can totally meet customer's safety requirements on food material conveying. Providing professional solutions in compliance with customer's requirements and site condition. Full considering cleanliness requirement from discharging, storage, conveying, mixing, smashing, screening, impurity removing, drying,cooling , metering and other process steps. Guangzhou Dingyi, Foshan Yudian, Zhengzhou Yicun , Hunan huangye and otehrs projects all verified that our system is safety and reliable.