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    Currently plastifying and mixing by using a internal mixer is commonly used on rubber industry. Ongoal has a full set of mature process system and successful cases on internal machine. According to actual recipe, metering the ingredients precisely, Ongoal has professional project engineer for optimizing your production line.

    From material feeding to pneumatic conveying, online metering and mixing of main ingredient, oil , minor ingredients, small material, controlling all production parameters such as temperature, pressure, vacuum, flow, and finally to packaging and other production process steps.

    By simple operation in the center control room, sharing the data to administrator and controller’s interface for reference and handling within milliseconds . System will detecting running status of each endpoint, and generating report according to requirement of operation process . Making the complicated and error-prone data handling and production management be simpler and simpler. Verified by authority , ONGOAL independently developed controlling system ensure stable and precision operation efficiently.