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    People’s demand on plastic is increasing in recent years , percentage of plastic used on each household appliances is as follows: dust collector 60%, refrigerator 38%, washing machine 34%, TV 23% ,air conditioner 10%; plasticization of car material can reduce the weight of the car , with every 10% reduction of car weightiness, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6%~8%; in cable and electric wire fields , major material of the insulation cover is made of modified plastic.

    From above we can see that plastic market is promising , more and more enterprises entered into plastic industry , but with the increasing of the labor cost, an enterprise who wants to survive in the plastic industry , must change the existing artificial production line , using full automated and modernized production line to improve the environment of the plant and quality of the product.

    After projecting and upgrading production lines for many domestic plastic manufacturers , ONGOAL earns a little famous in this industry . Start from project established, providing whole line planning from material unpack feeding, storage, conveying, automatic mixing, host and back end equipment to packaging. Providing plant layout design, water, gas and electricity, steel frame, dust removing, exhaust gas treatment, weightlessness feeding system, small material batching system etc. Optimizing overall construction, providing supportive service for our customer with concept of safety , high efficiency and environment protection and professional skills.