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New Energy

    Along with country’s promoting on development of new energy , a large batch of new energy enterprises have emerged in recent years. ONGOAL keeps close attention on market trend of new energy , positively cooperating with new energy enterprise. In Nov. 2016, Ongoal engaged in partnership with strategic alliance with Angerson ,enter into new energy market together.
    In 2017, ONGOAL set up a new energy business division, and our developing department has put the key point of the work on new energy conveying system developing. Concentrating on lithium battery market, after intensive research on production process of graphite material for anode, lithium iron phosphate for cathode , making a set of material conveying solutions on lithium battery industry and have achievement after implementation on relative projects.
    New energy is the direction of future development , ONGOAL keeps making high class conveying line for new energy enterprises and contribute our strength for build a better new energy .