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    Material conveying in the chemical industry is relatively complicated due to various of materials that with different properties. Ongoal has professional experimental analysis ability for powder ,granule and lump material , and has a large data reserve base for sample analysis on pipeline diversion. With 8 years experience on large and small projects and engineer’s endeavor , ONGOAL is definitely expert class on material handling . Almost all the materials will get corresponding solutions from ONGOAL.

    Safety is the most important point in chemical industry, irremediable loss will occur if any accident happens. Ongoal has professional explosion proof engineers , cooperating with advanced explosion proof equipment manufactures at home and abroad , grasping every safety details on the system design, providing the most professional explosion proof design to our customers. Every project will be inspected by professional safety engineer,to minimize the safety risk of the project.

    Storage is also very important for chemicals. ONGOAL takes full consideration on temperature control , dryness and humidity requirements, feeding, cleanliness and other performance and physicochemical requirements, using special sunshine proof and temperature monitoring system. Making reasonable design of overall construction and weight bearing according to on site material conveying, convenience of use and site condition.

    By deeply cooperating with many China’s large design institutes , we upgraded chemical plant manufacturing for CNPC,Transfar Chemicals, Wynca,CHNV Dongguan and other chemical manufacturers, and have received consistent praise from customers.