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Small bag unpacking station

Consists of dust removal device, bin, bin gate, filter screen and other components. Applicable for small bag unpack feeding.
  • Advantage
  • Characteristic
  • Operation
Simple structure, low maintenance cost.
Human engineering design, comfortable and easy feeding
Gas spring for bin gate closing and opening, safety and labour saving.
Filter bracket design prevents bag part goes into the bin .
With dust removal device to ensure nice plant environment, maximizing material utilization
Filter element reverse blowing for maximizing material utilization
Sand blasting treatment, nice appearance.
Simple construction, low maintenance cost.
Personality design according to customer's requirement .
Wide range of application on feeding for all solid materials .
Multiple sizes for selection, 45L、150L、350L、500L.
Flexible ancillary design according to different properties of different material. Such as different dust removing types: ventilation cloth bag dust collector, bag filter, tube filter, and can connect with center dust removing system .
According to different working situation , optional equip with tube type flange connected small bag unpacking station to directly connect to the storage silo,floor or steel frame. Optional equip with cone type small bag unpacking station with supporting legs.