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Liquid storage tank

Liquid storage tank is used for transition and storage for liquid material . For designing a storage silo, ONGOAL takes full consideration on temperature, dryness and humidity , feeding , cleanliness and other performance parameters and physicochemical requirements,calculating proper storage volume according to site situation and material usage.
  • Advantage
  • Characteristic
  • Operation
ONGOAL quality , good durability;
Smooth inner wall with nice appearance;
Professional safety design , be assured to use;
Professional supportive liquid material conveying system;
Ancillary are all from world famous brand, pretty low failure rate;
Wide application , can meet requirements for all powder storage.

Optional material for storage silo: aluminum magnesium, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316,carbon steel etc.
ONGOAL has supportive software system for silo monitoring at real time. Has rich experience in dealing with pressure, temperature and drying.
According to requirements on design and process,silo can optional be equipped with dust filter, thermal insulation device, safety valve, material level sensor, weighing device,activation bin discharger, pressure sensor ,stop valve, volume feeder, suction gun type feeder, lighting rod etc.