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Vibration Fluidizer

Vibration fluidizer is a common arch breaking and flow aiding device. Usually be installed at the inner wall of the silo . Aeration and vibration of the fluidizer help the powder and granule material flow better in the hopper and silo .
  • Advantage
  • Characteristic
  • Operation
Simple structure;
Small size;
Low cost;
Easy installation and disassembling;
Flexible design;
Wide range of application.

With the vibration fluidizer, connect the ventilation device and micro vibrator at the silo wall. This design prevent the silo from being hurt by the material , even the material is abrasive material .
This product has been verified by FDA, can meet the food grade requirement.
Vibration fluidizer has been widely and successfully used on following materials.
Cement, sand, lime, calcium carbonate, flour, food additives, diatomite, talcum powder, dolomite, soda, feldspar, limestone etc.