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Activation bin discharger

Activation bin discharger consists of bin body, cover, spring, hose, flange and vibration motor. Usually installed at the bottom of the storage silo , used for arch breaking, flow aiding , bridging proofing. Suitable for material that is easy to bridging , powder or material that with poor fluidity .
  • Advantage
  • Characteristic
  • Operation
Nice appearance, good durability
Low noise
Less maintenance
Static electricity eliminating
Good arch breaking effect
Perfect fluidization without blind area.
Multiple sizes for selection.

Multiple sizes for selection.
According to volume of the silo, make high constant loads design for the activation bin discharger.
Independent equipment, easy disassemble and maintenance .
Allows to refit .
Material in the hopper can be totally fluidized , generating mass flow for good discharging.
Coating material: impermeable material , resin epoxy, dacron weave,sintered plastic or heat resisting stainless steel.